Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Wonder

I wonder what she thought. Mary. I wonder what she thought when she felt baby Jesus moving and kicking inside her womb. Yes, the angel had told her this child would be “called the Son of God” (Luke 1:35b), but she still must have wondered the very things all expectant parents wonder: What will he look like? Will he have my eyes? My smile? What will he do when he grows up? Will he be kind? Will he be happy?
Surely God kept the truth of Jesus’ death from this young, expectant mother. Knowing about his crucifixion ahead of time would be far too painful to bear. But His father, God, knew what this baby would grow up to be. His father knew he would be executed on a cross while still a young man. He knew about the crucifixion long before Jesus was born, and he still allowed it to happen; in fact, he planned this baby boy’s death long before Mary carried the son of God in her womb.

Why would a loving father plan the execution of his son? Of course, you know the answer. The human birth of the son of God, his life, death, and resurrection are all part of the plan to cleanse us from our sins and enable us to become adopted sons and daughters of God. His pain while on earth allows us to live abundantly and to spend eternity with God in heaven.

As we celebrate the season of our savior’s birth, remember that Christ was with God from the beginning, assisting in all of creation. Think of the sacrifice he made by living on earth, and allowing men to crucify him. What a wondrous Christmas gift!

Father, as we celebrate the birth of Mary’s baby, let us not forget this infant is the child of God whose sacrifice saves us from our sins.

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