Friday, July 1, 2011

What Would Jesus Do?

The birds’ singing gradually entered his conscious mind, brushing the last shadows of sleep away. He stretched and uttered a barely audible prayer: Thank you, Father, for a rejuvenating night’s sleep and cheerful wakeup music. Stretching again, he willed his body fully awake. Well, Father, what shall we accomplish today? There is much to be done; I wait on your leading for today’s tasks. After a moment he rose, dressed, and prepared and his simple, yet substantial breakfast. Thank you, Father, for this food. Thank you for the energy it provides my body, ample energy to work for your kingdom and do your will this day.

After breakfast, he walked to his workshop. In the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets, he wove his way through the throng of humanity, careful not to jostle or push as he navigated the busy streets. While he walked he acknowledged each person, nodding and smiling as he caught someone’s eye. He prayed as He walked, Father, there is much pain in Samuel’s eyes today. Please heal his aching back and make him whole again. Sarah’s face is filled with heartache. Put your arms around her and let her know how very much you love her.

Just before he reached his carpenter’s shop, he stopped at the home of Naomi, David’s widow. How are you today Naomi? I’ve brought something for you and the children. This loaf ofbread and these olives are more than I can eat. I don’t want them to spoil. Won’t you do me a favor and share them with your children?

At last he reached his shop. Walking through the low doorway into the cool, dimly lit room, he inhaled the fragrance of cedar. Picking out the boards and tools he needed to make a table for Ezekiel, he walked out the back door into the courtyard and the bright light. Using his adze to smooth the edges of the wood, he found himself in a reverie from the repetitious, rhythmic work. Running his hand over the smooth wood, he basked in the beauty of its grain. Father, I’m so glad we made cedar trees. Their lovely scent is unlike any other. They provide homes for birds, small animals and insects. They provide beauty and shade for mankind. Now that they’re cut, these trees provide wood for beautiful furniture and a myriad of other useful items for people. How I enjoy working with the wood. It’s fascinating to watch whatever I’m making grow and change. What began as a living tree became rough cut wood that I can transform through the work of my hands into a useful, beautiful object. As it changes in my hands, I think about the people around me. Father, soon my time as shaper of wood will end, and my time as shaper of humans will begin. How ironic that the hammer that joins these pieces of wood will become the instrument to split my hands and feet. Yet I look forward to the completion of Your plan for the salvation of humankind. I gladly make the sacrifice to end separation from you, Father. You have given me the strength and skill to work with the wood, now as my time for ministry nears, give me the strength to finish my work here on earth.

Oh God, thank you for the obedience of Jesus and Your amazing grace in saving us. Guide our thoughts and actions that we too may obey Your every command.

John 14:31 “But the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.”

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