Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Should I Give?

As I prayed and pondered over what I should give to the church, I searched the scriptures for the things God has given me.

Before my own mother even knew me, He knit me together in the secret darkness of her womb.  He gave me life.  Whatever talents or skills I may possess are gift from God.  When I work with my hands, the strength and co-ordination given by God allow me to complete my task.  When I use my mind, God-given intelligence enables me to think.  Although I sometimes wish for different abilities, different looks, or a different voice, I am a creation of God’s, made exactly as He wants me to be.  He gives me my unique identity.

He gives me protection.  He hasn’t promised a life without troubles, but He has promised to protect me and provide a place of refuge when the storms of life blow.  I have experienced, and will again experience, grief, sorrow, despair, difficulties, confusion, and fatigue.  But God has promised protection and refuge.  He has given me a safe harbor from storms; all I have to do is seek that refuge, go to that harbor.

He is the source of all wisdom and love.  Whenever someone gives me wise advice, that wisdom comes from God.  Whenever I don’t know which way to turn or what I should do next, I ask for His wisdom, for He gives it liberally.  When others act in a loving manner, this is a gift from God, for God is love.  When I am able to do a loving deed for someone else, it is God’s gift of love in me that enables me to act lovingly.     
This wise, loving God has given me the ultimate gift:  He gave His only Son, Jesus.  He sent Him away from His heavenly home to live on earth.  He allowed man to nail His only Son on a tree, for me.  He allowed His beloved Son to suffer and die, to take the punishment for my sins, so that I could be pure, spotless, and sinless.  He gave this gift to me so that I, too, could one day live with Him in this heavenly home.

What, then should I give? Everything I have. Everything I am.                                 

Matthew 10: 8b “Freely you have received, freely give.”

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